Sunday School
In many places, the importance of the teaching ministry of the Church has been underestimated.  Our Sunday School program does not consist of going around the room and each person giving their opinion on a text.  It involves systematic teaching of the Word of God.  This is the heart of our discipleship training.  A child who is raised up in our program will have a good foundational knowledge of the Bible.  Our teachers desire to make each one that attends a better disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although we are serious about teaching, we desire to have fun together.  Various outings and activities are scheduled by the teachers throughout the year for their particular class. The following is a list of our classes. -Nursery (0-2 yrs.) -Beginners (3-5 yrs.) -Primaries (6-8 yrs.)  (We have two of these classes.) -Juniors (9-12 yrs.) -Young People (13+ yrs.) -Young Married Couples -Adult Ladies -Auditorium (Any adults are welcome to attend this class.) 
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