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Worshiping Beyond Your Wounds (Pastor Robert Taylor)
Seeing The Unseen Christ (Pastor Buster Mullins)
Losing Through Looseness (Pastor Barry Rackley)
The Nature of Saving Faith (Pastor Buster Mullins)
The Old Gate (Pastor Gene Rowell)
Another Side of Redemption (Pastor Rudy Smith)
Living With A Secret (Pastor Alfred Willis)
The Long Way Around (Pastor Chris Haizlip)
2010 Jubilee
2009 Jubilee
When Our Emptiness Becomes Our Ebenezer (Pastor Buster Mullins)
Taking The Strongholds (Pastor Buster Mullins)
Rabbit Hound Religion (Pastor Randy Outz)
Bogged Down and Beat Up (Pastor Barry Rackley)
Is God Enough? (Pastor Rudy Smith)
Sin (Pastor Alfred Willis)
2011 Jubilee
A Family of Faith (Pastor Buster Mullins)
Greatness With God (Pastor Barry Rackley)
Prayer (Rev. Joe Chapman)
God Cannot Lie (Dr. Edward McAbee)
The Providence of God (Evangelist Joe Bryant)
Is There Not A Cause (Pastor Alfred Willis)
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