Our Pastor
Pastor   Jarvis   was   raised   on   a   farm   in   the   mountains   of Western   North   Carolina.      He   was   saved   by   the   grace of   God   at   twelve   years   old   and   surrendered   himself to   the   ministry   of   the   gospel   at   the   age   of   twenty.     In    October    of    1995,    he    became    the    pastor    of Welcome Baptist Church. He   is   a   graduate   of   Trinity   Baptist   Bible   College   in Asheville,   N.C.   and   earned   his   Master   of   Biblical Studies    Degree    from    the    Believer's    Institute    for Biblical    Studies    in    Gaffney,    S.C.    He    earned    his Doctorate       in       Theology       from       Andersonville Theological   Seminary.   He   studied   two   years   in   the Engineering    program    of    the    University    of    North Carolina   in   Asheville.   He   taught   for   four   years   at   Calvary   Baptist   Bible Institute   in   Greenwood,   S.C.   (Aug   2004   to   May   2008)   and   served   as   a teacher   and   the   Dean   of   Students   for   the   Believer's   Institute   for   Biblical Studies    (B.I.B.S.)   from   September   of   2008   until   November   of   2012.   He   has served as a teacher and the President of B.I.B.S. since December 2012. He   has   had   the   privilege   to   preach   a   number   of   church   revival   meetings, youth   meetings,   camp   meetings,   jubilees,   fellowships,   and   other   special services over the years. You may contact our pastor directly by email .  
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