History to 2002   Welcome Baptist Church was organized on April 21, 1949.   It began in a tent meeting with Rev. Toy T. Waddell.   The first church building was built on the corner of Bobo Street and Railroad Street in the Monarch community.   It was founded on the Word of God and old fashioned preaching. We had several pastors since Rev. Waddell left including Rev. Jess Stephens, Rev. Alton Caldwell, Rev. Johnny Allen, Rev. Ray Gregory, Rev. Guyton Genes, Rev. Billy Cole, and our present pastor, Rev. Robert Jarvis. In 1966 – 1967, Rev. Guyton Genes began to work toward building a new church across the railroad tracks.   In 1969, property was acquired from Monarch Mill where an old boarding house stood.   Some men of the church began to tear down the old house, and soon a new building was erected.   It was later renovated and is now used for Sunday School. In 1971, Rev. Billy Cole became the pastor.   In March of 1972, Rev. Junior Parker ran a revival for us and many souls were saved.   Soon the membership started to increase, and we began to pray about building a new sanctuary.   In April of 1972, a ground breaking ceremony was held for the construction of the new sanctuary.   On Sunday, December 31, 1972, the church moved into the new building with a seating capacity of around 300.   Dr. Percy Ray preached the dedication service that morning, and God richly blessed.   We have preached, shouted, sang, worshipped, cried, laughed, and testified to the greatness of our God in that building ever since. In March of 1993, Rev. Cole had a heart attack and was never able to preach again.   He served as our pastor for 22 years.   He passed away in 1998. In 1994, Rev. Tommy Wimpey from Pickens, South Carolina became our pastor.  He stayed until July, 1995.   After Rev. Wimpey left, Rev. Jim Lippard filled in for us until we could obtain a pastor. In October of 1995, Rev. Robert Jarvis came to be our pastor, and he is still with us at this time.   He was only 25 years old when he came.   He has prayed many times that God would give him wisdom beyond his years, and God has certainly done just that from the beginning.   He has proven to be more than just a preacher.   He has been a pastor to the family of Welcome Baptist Church.   He has been with us 7 ½ years, and we have seen many things happen during that time.   We thank God for him and for the truth he preaches. We also thank God for old-time religion.   We still believe in the same God and use the same Bible that the church was founded upon.   The devil has fought this church ever since it was established, but I have always heard that “what God starts – Satan will fight.”   Thank God for Welcome Baptist Church.   TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!   Written in 2002 by Annette Johnson Church Secretary     History Continued   On February 9, 2004 the church experienced a fire that devastated our sanctuary but not our spirit (see pictures).  We spent the next two years meeting in our fellowship hall while we built a brand new building that now houses our sanctuary, offices, and Sunday School classes.  During this time we saw souls saved, members added, and young men called to preach.    On May 28, 2006, we marched from the fellowship hall, held hands, and encircled the entire building for a time of prayer.   Our prayer was to thank God for all His blessings and ask Him to continue to bless this church and use this new building for His glory.   God truly made the trial a blessing.    We give God all the glory for what He has done and what He continues to do.  
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